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Archimed® 627 Universal Spinal Brace
The Archimed 627 Universal Spinal Brace's patented design easily adjusts to fit patients of various sizes and provides the support they need in the treatment of lumbar spine disorders.


Features & Benefits:
  • Universal Design: Attached outer panels easily slide to fit patients with waist sizes ranging from 29" to 57".  An available extension panel fits patients with a waist size up to 72".
  • Pulley-lace closure system: provides combined 6 to 1 mechanical advantage and adjustable range of fit per a given size
  • Posterior panel: extends from L-1 to above L-5 vertebra
  • Anterior panel: low-profile panel does not interfere in a seated position
  • PDAC verified HCPCS: L0627
  • US manufacturing: higher quality control standards
BodyPart Measured: Waist Dimension
Patent Number: US 9,808,369
Please call our toll free number, 1.800.582.4040, for pricing and availability.
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CALL Archimed® 627 Universal Spinal Brace - 163320 Universal Fits: 29" - 57"

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