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Medical Specialties, Inc.
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Charlotte, NC 28227
Med Spec® Cubital Tunnel Brace

Low-profile night splint that comfortably holds the elbow in a neutral position for the treatment of cubital tunnel syndrome

Features & Benefits:

  • Adjustable aluminum stay: allows elbow to be positioned at the optimum angle
  • Ventral design: enhances comfort during sleep
  • Patented V-Strap (TM) retention system: provides easier application by holding the proximal and distal closure straps within their plastic buckles
  • Bilateral design: fits either right or left elbow
  • US manufacturing: higher quality control standards
BodyPart Measured: circumference of upper arm at mid bicep
Patent Number: N/A
  Price - Item - Item Number Size Fits
[add to cart] $56.95: Med Spec® Cubital Tunnel Brace - 223444 Small/Medium Fits: 6" - 15"
[add to cart] $56.95: Med Spec® Cubital Tunnel Brace - 223446 Large/X-Large Fits: 10" - 19"

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