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Outrigger® II Shoulder Immobilizer

The Outrigger II abducted shoulder immobilizer is versatile enough to comply with various treatment protocols.


Features & Benefits:

  • Adjustable shoulder pad: allows pad to be easily repositioned on shoulder strap
  • Versatile design: easily transitions from an Abducted Shoulder Immobilizer to a Shoulder Immobilizer to an Arm Sling
  • Extra Abduction Security: waist strap attachment points are easily repositioned from the pillow to the sling envelope
  • Bilateral design: fits either right or left shoulder
  • US manufacturing: higher quality control standards


         Hand wash, gentle detergent, no bleach.  Air dry.

BodyPart Measured: measure from olecranon process to 5th MP joint
Patent Number: patent pending
  Price - Item - Item Number Size Fits
[add to cart] $112.95: Outrigger® II Shoulder Immobilizer - 183752 Small Fits: up to 13 1/2"
[add to cart] $112.95: Outrigger® II Shoulder Immobilizer - 183754 Medium Fits: up to 14 1/2"
[add to cart] $112.95: Outrigger® II Shoulder Immobilizer - 183755 Large Fits: up to 15 1/2"
[add to cart] $112.95: Outrigger® II Shoulder Immobilizer - 183756 X-Large Fits: up to 17 1/2"

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