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PFO® Plantar Fascia Orthosis

Features & Benefits:

  • Elastic Tensioner: High strength elastic strap applies uniform pressure under plantar fascia to provide continuous tension and stretching.  Tension is adjustable and strap is repositionable.
  • Breathable Ankle Wrap: Polypropylene lining wicks moisture away from the skin and will not support bacterial growth like most foam materials.
  • Low Profile: Low-profile design allows PFO to easily fit inside shoe.  PFO may also be worn directly next to the skin.
  • Bilateral Design: Fits left or right foot.
  • US manufacturing: higher quality control standards
BodyPart Measured: US Shoe Size
Patent Number: N/A
  Price - Item - Item Number Size Fits
[add to cart] $24.95: PFO® Plantar Fascia Orthosis - 264144 Small/Medium Fits: women's up to 9.5 - men's up to 9
[add to cart] $24.95: PFO® Plantar Fascia Orthosis - 264146 Large/X-Large Fits: women's 10+ - mens 9.5+

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