Carpal Gel Pad

The Carpal Gel Pad is designed to reduce scarring and hypersensitivity at the incision site following carpal tunnel surgery, and it is the same contoured polymer gel pad enriched with mineral oil that is used on the GelFlex Wrist support. The Carpal Gel Pad is packaged and sold individually. The Carpal Gel Pad has adhesive on the back that will allow it to be attached to the inside of the Wrist Lacer, V-Strap Wrist, Motion Manager, Viper Wrist, Compressor Wrist, and Ryno Lacer.


Contoured polymer gel pad

Formulated with a medical grade mineral oil which gradually dissipates onto the skin to help reduce scar tissue following carpal tunnel surgery. The gel is clinically proven to be effective in improving the skin’s elasticity while minimizing scarring.

The soft gel pad (4½” long) also protects the surgical site from friction, pressure and vibration; ideal for return to work activities.



Suggested HCPCS: A6025